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    The NUMEMA research group currently involves 11 faculty members, 5 PhD students listed below and approximately 20 associate members (physicians, technologists, engineers, etc.) at the Diagnostic Center for Imaging and Functional Studies, Skåne University Hospital in Malmö. Projects are accomplished in close collaboration with other research groups at the hospital, for example in urology, oncology, cardiology, and neuropsychiatry and research groups at Lund University and Lund Institute of Technology, for example Theoretical Physics and Centre for Mathematical Sciences.

    Faculty members

    David Minarik, MSc, PhD david.minarik@med.lu.se [Publications]
    Elin Trägårdh, MD, PhD elin.tragardh@med.lu.se [Publications]
    Karl Sjöstrand, Msc, MSc, PhD karl.sjostrand@med.lu.se [Publications]
    Lars Edenbrandt, professor, MD, PhD lars.edenbrandt@med.lu.se [Publications]
    Lars E Olsson, professor, PhD lars_e.olsson@med.lu.se [Publications]
    Mariana Reza, MD, PhD mariana.reza@med.lu.se [Publications]
    Martin Andersson, MSc, PhD martin.andersson@med.lu.se [Publications]
    Ola Thorsson, MD, PhD ola.thorsson@skane.se [Publications]
    Per Wollmer, professor, MD, PhD per.wollmer@med.lu.se [Publications]
    Sigrid Leide-Svegborn, MSc, PhD sigrid.leide_svegborn@med.lu.se [Publications]
    Sven Valind, MD, PhD sven.valind@skane.se [Publications]
    Sören Mattsson, professor, PhD soren.mattsson@med.lu.se [Publications]



    Asal Shafi, Biomed. scientist asal.shafizadehtaghavi@skane.se [Publications]
    Camilla Olofsson, Biomed. scientist camilla.a.olofsson@skane.se [Publications]
    Lise-Lott Johansson, Biomed. scientist lise-lott.johansson@skane.se [Publications]


    PhD students

    Carin Cronberg, MD carin.cronberg@skane.se [Publications]
    John Ly, MD john.ly@skane.se [Publications]
    Martin Senneby, MD martin.senneby@med.lu.se [Publications]
    Sabine Garpered, MD sabine.garpered@skane.se [Publications]
    Sarah Lindgren Belal, MD sarah.lindgren_belal@med.lu.se [Publications]



    Jenny Sandgren jenny.sandgren@med.lu.se