Rutiner för komplettering med SPECT/CT efter helkropps skelettscintigrafi

Routines for SPECT/CT as a complement to whole body bone scan >>






NUMEMA – The Nuclear Medicine Research Group in Malmö performs research and teaching at the Diagnostic Center for Imaging and Functional Studies at Skåne University Hospital Malmö and Department of Clinical Sciences Malmö (IKVM) at Lund University.

Nuclear medicine has a long tradition in Malmö. It started already in 1951 thanks to an initiative from professor Jan Waldenström. The field was soon very actively developed by persons from the Departments of Medicine (Bengt Skanse, Bertil Nosslin), Radiotherapy/Radiation Physics (Inge Gynning, Berndt Waldeskog) and Clinical Physiology (Sven-Erik Lindell).

Nuclear medicine in Malmö today has:
- one of the largest departments in Sweden performing more than 7000 clinical examinations
- modern equipment including PET/CT, SPECT/CT and low background room
- a multidisciplinary research group consisting very experienced specialists in nuclear medicine, clinical physiology and medical radiation physics
- several research projects in the fields of quantification, patient dose estimates, optimization of investigations, computer assisted diagnosis, cardiac imaging, arteriosclerosis
- an active quality assurance program involving physicians, technologists and medical radiation physics
- a close collaboration with clinical partners e.g. in urology, oncology, cardiology and neuropsychiatry
- national and international cooperation – NIMOSA research network (Malmö, Odense and Sahlgrenska Academy in Gothenburg), EXINI Diagnostics AB, Lund, New York, München, Milano, Göttingen, Valencia, Ljubliana and Ann Arbour.